BDS the Fag Corporations

Some large corporations are evidently run by fanatical sodomites – what else could explain them dropping the focus from running their business well to pushing a pro-faggot agenda and bullying Christians around when we refuse to go along with sex perversion?

I’m all for capitalism and free enterprise, but we are facing illegal pro-queer racketeering. All the pro-queer companies need to be put completely out of business.

The acronym “BDS” was popularized by Pro-Palestinian activists for the pressure tactics they use against Israel. It stands for Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions.

Those are the very things Christians should do to all the wicked corporations that promote sodomy:

  1. Boycott: do not give them your custom!
  2. Divest: do not buy or hold their stock!
  3. Sanctions: insist that they be penalized.

We must practice BDS against these pro-queer companies and insist that every God-fearing American do likewise. There is a fourth thing we should do as well:

  • 4. Compete. Start rival businesses that practice righteousness.

With Boycott, Divest, Sanction, & Compete, by God’s help, we can push these evil companies into bankruptcy.

Nevertheless, the news has been wildly hyping how many companies are actually participating in pro-sodomite bullying. Many of the companies are brow-beat into making statements about “fairness for all” that they think are innocuous placating and don’t really believe in forcing Christian bakers to bake AIDS cakes for indignant queers.

Here is the list of companies that the pro-sodomite “Human Rights Campaign” got to denounce North Carolina’s Christian freedom law – what percentage  of these “big name” companies do you actually recognize ?

  1. 15Five, David Hassell
  2. Accenture, Julie Sweet
  3. Adzerk, James Avery
  4. Affirm, Max Levchin
  5. Airbnb, Brian Chesky
  6. Airbnb, Joe Gebbia
  7. Airbnb, Nathan Blecharczyk
  8. Alleycorp, Kevin P. Ryan
  9. American Airlines, Doug Parker
  10. American Apparel, Paula Schneider
  11. American Society of Association Executives, John H. Graham IV
  12. American Society of Interior Designers, Randy Fiser
  13. Apple, Tim Cook
  14. Atlassian, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar
  15. AXA Financial, Mark Pearson
  16. BackOps, Kristen Koh Goldstein
  17. Bank of America, Brian Moynihan
  18. Barnes and Noble, Ron Boire
  19. BD, Vince Forlenza
  20. Biogen, George A. Scangos
  21. Blab, Michael Birch
  22. Bloomberg L.P., Peter T. Grauer
  23. Box, Karen Appleton
  24. BoxGroup, David Tisch
  25. Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, Behshad Sheldon
  26. Braintree, Bill Ready
  27. Brocade Communications Systems, Lloyd Carney
  28. CA Technologies, Mike Gregoire
  29. Northrop Grumman, Wes Bush
  30. Chegg, Dan Rosensweig
  31. Choice Hotels International, Steve Joyce
  32. Cisco Systems, Chuck Robbins
  33. Citibank, William H. Howle
  34. Coca-Cola North America, Sandy Douglas
  35. CompTIA, Todd Thibodeaux
  36. Computer & Communications Industry Association, Ed Black
  37. Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro
  38. (Movie) Director and Producer, Adam Shankman
  39. DNAnexus, David A. Shaywitz
  40. Dr. Bronner’s (Soap), Michael Bronner
  41. Dropbox, Drew Houston
  42. eBay, Devin Wenig
  43. EMC Corporation, Paul T. Dacier
  44. Emerson Collective, Laurene Powell Jobs
  45. Engine, Julie Samuels
  46. Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg
  47. GE, Alex Dimitrief
  48. Gilt, Michelle Peluso
  49. Glassdoor, Robert Hohman
  50. Gogobot, Travis Katz
  51. Goldman Sachs Group, Lloyd C. Blankfein
  52. Google Ventures, Bill Maris
  53. Google, Sundar Pichai
  54. Grokker, Lorna Borenstein
  55. Hartford, Christopher J. Swift
  56. Herbalife, Michael O. Johnson
  57. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Brian Tippens, Chief Diversity Officer
  58. Hilton Worldwide, Christopher J. Nassetta
  59. Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Mark Hoplamazian
  60. IBM Corporation, Virginia M. Rometty
  61. IMRE, Dave Imre
  62. Ingersoll-Rand plc, Michael W. Lamach
  63. Intel, Brian Krzanich
  64. InterContinental Hotels Group, Elie Maalouf
  65. Jawbone, Hosain Rahman
  66. John Hancock Financial, Craig Bromley
  67. Kellogg Company, John Bryant
  68. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Mike DeFrino
  69. Kohler Co., David Kohler
  70. LabCorp., Dave King
  71. Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh
  72. Liftopia, Evan Reece
  73. LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman
  74. Logitech, Bracken P. Darrell
  75. Lyft, Logan Green
  76. Lyra Health, David Ebersman
  77. Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Mark Trudeau
  78. Marine Layer, Michael Natenshon
  79. Marriott International, Arne Sorenson
  80. Massachusetts Mutual, Roger W. Crandall
  81. Matrix Partners, Jared Fliesler
  82. Matrix Partners, Stan Reiss
  83. McKinney, Brad Brinegar
  84. Microsoft, Brad Smith
  85. Miramax, Steve Schoch
  86. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Mitchell Gold
  87. MongoDB, Dev Ittycheria
  88. Nextdoor, Nirav Tolia
  89. NextLesson, Dion Lim
  90. Nomad Health, Alexi G. Nazem
  91. Oracle, Safra Catz
  92. &, Hari Nair
  93. Pandora Media, Tim Westergren
  94. PayPal, Dan Schulman
  95. Pepo, Jason Goldberg
  96. Pfizer Inc, Charles H. Hill, HR
  97. Pfizer, Laurie J. Olson
  98. Pinterest, Ben Silbermann
  99. PNC Financial Services, Bill Demchak
  100. Power Curbers, Dyke Messinger
  101. Pramana Collective, Brandee Barker
  102. PVH Corp., Emanuel Chirico
  103. Qualcomm, Steve Mollenkopf
  104. Quip, Bret Taylor
  105. Quotient Technology, Steven R. Boal
  106. Reddit, Alexis Ohanian
  107. Reddit, Steve Huffman
  108. Redwood Groups, Kevin A. Trapani
  109. Replacements, Bob Page
  110. Salesforce, Marc Benioff
  111. Seventh Generation, John Replogle
  112. Software & Information Industry Association, Ken Wasch
  113. Spark Capital, Bijan Sabet
  114. Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey
  115. Starbucks, Howard Schultz
  116. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Tom Mangas
  117. StyleSeat, Melody McCloskey
  118. SV Angel, Ron Conway
  119. Symantec Corporation, Cecily Joseph
  120. TD Bank, Mike Pedersen
  121. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Marc Casper
  122. ThirdLove, David Spector
  123. Thrive Capital, Joshua Kushner
  124. Tumblr, David Karp
  125. Twilio, Jeff Lawson
  126. Uber, Travis Kalanick
  127. Udacity, Vishal Makhijani
  128. Wasserman Media, Casey Wasserman
  129. Weinstein Company, Bob & Harvey Weinstein
  130. Wells Fargo & Company, John G. Stumpf
  131. Whole Foods Market, Walter Robb
  132. Workplace Options, Alan King
  133. Workplace Options, Dean Debnam
  134. Y Combinator, Paul Graham
  135. Yahoo, Marissa Mayer
  136. Yelp, Jeremy Stoppelman
  137. YouTube, Chad Hurley
  138. Zestfinance, Douglas Merrill
  139. Zola, Shan-lyn Ma
  140. Zynga, Mark Pincus

These satanic companies all need to be squashed like bugs under our feet. If they think they are indispensable and can get away with this, they are mistaken.

Many of the names in that list are Jewish, by the way. A coincidence? See here and here and here and here (links for the info, not for endorsement). Clearly many godless Jews are found at the head of this wicked movement way out of proportion to their population numbers – just like communism. What’s going on?!? Why are people avoiding mention of this overwhelming factor that is at play? This is going to have to be dealt with eventually – and it’s not going to be pretty.

Companies to target:

Starbucks. Boycott! Visit alternatives like 7-11, doughnut shops, grocery stores, restaurants. To compete open your own copy-cat “Clone-bucks” coffee shop.  For sanctions, complain about them to the local authorities for excessive noise, trash, traffic congestion, and any other legitimate concern you have. Protest whenever they file permit requests at city hall. Go into the store and leave Christian literature. Give their employees information on how to unionize. Call the store often and ask to talk to the manager – ruin his day by witnessing to him about the coming wrath and his need to repent and get a different job.

Paypal. The ‘AOL’ of payment systems – totally arrogant and unaccountable. Boycott! Close your account if you have one. Insist that companies you deal with use a different pay system. Any company using pay-pal also gets boycotted. Many alternatives exist, including ‘bitcoin’.  If you feel brave and have the ability, start your own ‘paypal’ company. The day PayPal goes into insolvency will be a victory.

Bank of America: It’s a stupid bank and it promotes fags. You don’t look smart banking at Bank of America, you look like a chump. And it doesn’t honour the Lord. There are hundreds of medium-size banks that don’t dabble in side-businesses of propaganda. You’ll get a better bank: no lines, no hassles, and real people to talk to on the phone.

Intel: If you own any, cash-out your shares! Boycott by making sure your next computer has an AMD or other processor instead of Intel.

Apple: There are many alternatives to Apple’s overpriced hyped products. Seek sanctions against them for their fake crypto hoax and for using slave labour in China.

Microsoft: This monster is hard to avoid – you have to use an entirely different operating system. I haven’t switched to Linux yet but I plan on doing so in the future.

Take note of all these companies and any others in the news as supporting the sex-pervert agenda – make a point of never doing business with any of them ever again.



  1. 2nd Vote is an excellent tool for empowering Christians to spend their hard earned money in the right places. Their ranking system is so helpful, and you can even vote. For example – I was stunned to find out that Costco was more conservative than Sam’s Club. And if a company is offensive to Christian values, 2nd Vote offers “better alternatives.”

    Speaking of sinister Apple Corp., my husband and I have decided to replace our old Iphones later this year with LG’s, thanks to 2nd Vote!


    1. Looks like an interesting resource. Might be a conservative Catholic(?) group but they share our values.

      Oops, they gave Pay-pal a neutral rank! Their explanation:

      “PayPal contributes to the Christian Broadcasting Network and The Salvation Army, both of which support traditional marriage. Conversely, PayPal applauded the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and scored a 100 on HRC’s 2016 Corporate Equality Index. (CBN Website, Accessed 4/5/16) (PayPal 2014 IRS Form 990, Accessed 4/5/16) (The Salvation Army Website, Acessed 4/5/16) (PayPal Website, Accessed 4/5/16) (HRC Website, Accessed 4/15/16)”

      So if you give to CBN and Salvation Army you can also promote sodomy and the two things cancel each other out?? That doesn’t make much sense.

      They also rated Taco Bell “neutral”
      Taco Bell got a high score by the homos:

      2nd vote provides a lot of info, but I guess one has to double check how they determined their ratings and make your determination. Some are rated low on a secondary basis because they gave to a legit charity like YMCA that happened to supported something liberal – so that’s a little bit unfair. It would nice if they let people download their data into excel and then they could make their own rankings.

      Thanks for the info!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. On my phone app, 2nd Vote gives Paypal an overall rating of 2, with 5 being the most conservative (not even Hobby Lobby gets an overall 5) and 1 being absolutely awful.

        Not sure if they are Catholic, because they sent out a Christmas email which was King James Scripture, and it was beautiful and reverent.

        I understand they are planning on expanding with coverage of more companies, but of course, this takes time and money. I just know how much I appreciate having better understanding. The stats are changed almost every day, and there is an “updates” section when this happens.

        You are welcome for the info, and it really does help. I know some people have no choice but to shop at Walmart, but I do have a choice, and I use it accordingly. Always with the best option I have. IE: Homo-Depot is terrible, Lowes is somewhat better, and Ace Hardware is good. I have all three in my area, and that’s how I use it.


        1. Excellent. Of course, for this purpose it doesn’t matter if they are conservative Catholic or not, the resource information speaks for itself – I’d use it no matter who collected it. It just seemed their identity/backing was hard to figure out – by address they might be connected to Aegis and Dr Black ( and so anyhow I wondered.

          The homo-corporations think they are being hip but they are being used like communists front groups. Communists infiltrate an organization and then try to get it to pass resolutions supporting things that are not part of the organization’s mission but that support communist causes. The organization is often unaware because you only need a handful of hard-core types to recruit/strong-arm others to support the resolution until you have a majority. Once companies see that other companies are passing these idiotic pro-queer statements they then feel the pressure strongly to go with the flow and it just gets worse and worse.

          Excellent chapter on “Infiltration” explains it in J Edgar Hoover’s book “Masters of Deceit” page 213+:


  2. I’m not religious but I’m pretty mad that I can’t give my 6 and 7 year old daughters a cellphone without having to try to find a way to disable the “emoji keyboards” to get rid of the faggot male on male and female on female emojis. This is truly sick and pathetic.


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