Dr Blakeney’s classic Debunking of Roman Catholicism

This book is an excellent and clear refutation of the Roman Catholic heresies:

“A Manual of Romish Controversy, being a complete Refutation of the Creed of Pope Pius IV”

Download the ‘pdf’ version while it is still available. The book is packed with information yet concise and easy to understand.

The author is Dr. Richard Paul Blakeney (1820-1884), an Anglican vicar, dean, and canon and founder of its Evangelical Church Association (today called the Church Society).

P1050511During the 19th Century the Church of England had a strong Bible-believing contingent of ministers that attempted to keep their church faithful while opposing the divergent forces of German rationalism (and Darwinism) on the one hand, and the introduction of ‘high-church’ Anglo-Catholic ritualism on the other. The fatal blow for the Church of England came in 1880 when they rejected the Authorized Version of the Bible from which they have never recovered. Eventually many Bible-believing ‘low church’ Evangelicals left its ranks to join Brethren, Baptist, Methodist, and other ‘free’ protestant churches. Today’s Anglican church is, sadly, overwhelmingly apostate.

Dr Blakeney’s “Manual…” is excellent which suggests his other books are also worth reading. Here’s a list of some available for download:

Dr Blakeney wrote many other articles and lectures that are not yet available online: “Romanism, Tridentine, and Vatican Refuted”; “Modern Infidelity and Rationalism Exposed and Refuted”; “The Polish Insurrection and Its Real Objects: the Policy of Napoleon; the Jesuits; Shall We Go to War?”; “Manual of The Lord’s Supper Or Holy Communion”; “Romish Parties; Or, False Pretensions of Rome to Unity”; “Scripture Interpretation and Inspiration, Considered” etc.

= = =

“The Bible, and the Bible only, is the religion of Protestants”

– Wm Chillingsworth (1602-1644)



    1. Dr Blakeney wasn’t perfect (he supported Anglican ideas like infant baptism and calling ministers “priest” etc), but his research and presentation against Catholic dogmas in this book is first rate.


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