US Govt says banning criminals is racism

The Obama-occupied US government has declared that discriminating against criminals is a form of racism because of the fact that so many blacks are criminals. The government admits that blacks have ruined their own lives with irresponsibility – but instead of giving that the condemnation it deserves, they accuse responsible landlords of “racism” just for applying standard credit checks.

From now on if any black ex-convict is rejected, the landlord will have to carry the burden of justifying the rejection to a federal prosecutor: “they will have to prove that such a policy is necessary for protecting the safety of other tenants, and designed to avoid illegal discrimination.

Reject a black criminal from trying to rent your property, and agencies of the US government will attack you with fines and litigation … that’s the state of affairs in the year 2016 in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!


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