Rome’s Anathemas

A simultaneously “mutual pardon” occurred 50 years ago on December 7, 1965 when the Roman Catholic religion, in the Vatican City, and the Easter Orthodox, in the Patriarchal Church of St George in Istanbul, both “lifted the anathemas” pronounced against each other that caused the Great Schism of 1054:

Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I with his synod, in common agreement, declare that:

A. They regret the offensive words, the reproaches without foundation, and the reprehensible gestures which, on both sides, have marked or accompanied the sad events of this period.

B. They likewise regret and remove both from memory and from the midst of the Church the sentences of excommunication which followed these events, the memory of which has influenced actions up to our day and has hindered closer relations in charity; and they commit these excommunications to oblivion.

C. Finally, they deplore the preceding and later vexing events which, under the influence of various factors—among which, lack of understanding and mutual trust—eventually led to the effective rupture of ecclesiastical communion.

5. Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras I with his synod realize that this gesture of justice and mutual pardon is not sufficient to end both old and more recent differences between the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.


Their statement claims that the Eastern and Western leadership, “had directed their censures against the persons concerned and not the Churches” – as if the thousand year split between east and west was a personal dispute that had nothing to do with Rome’s arrogance in attempting to assume the position of lordship over all of Christianity.

Just before the close of Vatican II on “Ecumenism” the 12/7/1965 event was held to allegedly  nullifying the anathemas between the Eastern and Western churches, but they failed to do anything about over 100 papist anathemas fanatically pronounced by their so-called “Council” of Trent against the Northern Protestant Christians who left the yoke of dead religion and embraced the grace of Jesus Christ and bible-believing Christianity through the Reformation.

anathemasFor example, did you know that all Protestants are supposedly damned by Rome for not superstitiously worshipping statues of a demon that is called the Queen of Heaven?

Moreover, that the images of Christ, of the Virgin Mother of God, and of the other saints, are to be had and retained particularly in temples, and that due honour and veneration are to be given them … because the honour which is shown them is referred to the prototypes which those images represent; in such wise that by the images which we kiss, and before which we uncover the head, and prostrate ourselves, we adore Christ; and we venerate the saints, whose similitude they bear: as, by the decrees of Councils, and especially of the second Synod of Nicaea, has been defined against the opponents of images ….  great profit is derived from all sacred images, not only because the people are thereby admonished of the benefits and gifts bestowed upon them by Christ, but also because the miracles which God has performed by means of the saints, and their salutary examples, are set before the eyes of the faithful; that so they may give God thanks for those things; may order their own lives and manners in imitation of the saints; and may be excited to adore and love God, and to cultivate piety. But if any one shall teach, or entertain sentiments, contrary to these decrees; let him be anathema.

Rome say, “Bow down and kiss our statues! And if you don’t, we will damn you!”

What lovely Christians these hypocritical Catholics are, right? They officially damn all Bible-believing Protestants in their official church documents over and over and over again, and then they have the gall to get paranoid about “anti-Catholic bigotry” when we tell people what is going on.

The anathemas of Trent are so embarrassing to Romanism that they have stopped publishing them and do everything in their power to never mention them – even though they form the bedrock of modern Romanism’s apostate theology.

As with all other cults, Roman Catholicism professes a “certainty” about the supremacy of its teachings, yet never dares impart to its adherents the least certainty of actually possessing eternal life! 

The apostate Vatican curses the true Bible-Christians because we testify against them that their deeds are evil.

 “Bless them which persecute you: bless, and curse not.”
Romans 12:14

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